Here is the list of our services.

Blockchain Training

New technology comes with new knowledge. We have our training program to explain the concepts and practicality surrounding blockchain. We also have hands-on training and support to help your staff make the transition to blockchain smoothly.

Blockchain Development

Our team consists of industry-leading architects and developers working with the most current blockchain implementation technologies. We closely follow the ever-changing blockchain evolution to make sure we implement solutions that leverage the best that blockchain has to offer.

Blockchain Consulting

We see technology as an enabler, a tool upon which it can help propel a business towards higher growth. To this end, we believe in taking the time to know your fiscal goals and challenges, and from there to compose a solution that complements your objective and timeframe.


Areas of Blockchain Expertise and Services

Consulting and Research

We conduct use case consulting for corporate and government institutions.

Proof of Concept

We build new Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) (e.g. security tokens) based on business or project requirements.

Prototype Design

We design prototypes to evaluate enterprise blockchain concepts and assess applicability in existing business processes.

Minimum Viable Product

We develop, test and deploy a Minimum Viable Product based on business or project requirements.

Startups Advisory & Incubation

We support and cooperate with startups on blockchain and DLT related topics like Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda.

Production, Integration & Support

We scale up and integrate DLT applications to the existing systems. In doing so, we support our clients with implementation training.



Our History

Our history began in 2013 during the formative years of ecommerce and website creation. At that time, as companies began to realize the benefit of website presence, we took on the role of helping companies make their presence known on the internet and to leverage the reach of ecommerce. As Web 2.0 came, we helped companies take advantage of social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising. We believe we are now at the seminal phase of Web 3.0 with blockchain playing a key role.

With the advent of blockchain comes the features of transaction transparency, direct peer to peer transaction, and high level of data integrity. By leveraging these core features, companies and municipalities around the world today have already begun to embrace and use blockchain. And we agree with the ever growing number of social, technology, and commerce experts that blockchain will continually gain momentum to inevitably become the new paradigm for the world. Today, our team has acquired real-world blockchain knowledge and expertise as we are once again well positioned to help companies reap the benefits of blockchain.